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The key to success?


Being uniquely you.


You are your niche, in your personal life, in your career, in your business.

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” ― Dolly Parton

Authentic Entrepreneur

As a coach I specialise in business growth, mindset, confidence, and self-care.

Because I have never felt more passionate, purposeful or empowered as I do running my own business.


A business I needed, founded and grew during a pandemic, war and recession. Using my unique skills and showing the world, and myself, my authentic power to achieve success and live by my rules.

Ready to build a business?


My goal is to help my clients realise their Authentic Power to live happier lives by building a successful and sustainable business that fits into and around their lifestyle.


And if you are reading this thinking I don’t know what business I want, I can help you find clarity.


Let's start by grabbing a virtual tea.​


Our sessions with Lyndsey has provided the headspace we needed to take a closer look at our business goals. She's helped us identify how we can work more efficiently, as a result, we have streamlined our processes.
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