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Embracing the power of people

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Award winning entrepreneur, passionate about connecting people and business


Founder, coach, mentor, radio host, and award winning entrepreneur, passionate about helping others succeed. 


Connecting people to each other, to business, to the city they call home and to themselves.

Lyndsey is featured in the top 100 inspiring female leaders in the 2024 f:Entrepreneur campaign from Small Business Britain.

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Lyndsey Clay Mentor

Helping you to be authentically yourself
in life and business

The key to success? Being uniquely you.


You are your niche, in your personal life, in your professional career, in your business.

I found myself, for myself after divorce and infertility to build an award winning business. I didn't know I had it in me. But when I started using my unique authenticity as my superpower everything changed. 

Being a childless champion and living life by my own rules made all the difference to becoming the woman I am today.

Let me help you find yourself, for yourself and see what you can achieve when you are truly authentic.



Grab My E-book

"How to start a business at the worst possible time"

I created an in person social events company in a socially distanced pandemic, find out how, and why.

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