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As a founder, coach, mentor, entrepreneur, radio host, and award winning businesswoman, I'm passionate about helping others succeed.


I have 20 years of experience in managing business performance in public and private sector having held senior positions as a Chief of Staff and Head of Department for a Government Regulator.


I thought I would be in management forever, coaching on the side to feel more fulfilled whilst climbing the corporate ladder.

Then during the 2021 lockdown I started my own business and everything changed.

Entering the entrepreneur world has been the best move I've ever made. Within 2 years I won RWC Entrepreneur of the Year and I was nominated at the Dynamic Business Awards for Community Hero.

More than the recognition of awards, starting my own business has given me purpose, passion and empowered me to be my real self and realise my true potential.


A priceless discovery!

My passion today is in empowering others and connecting people to each other, to local business and to themselves through my Authentic Power Coaching program.

I've created a whole life for myself built on making positive connections, helping others and living authentically after going through infertility and divorce, feeling lost and unsure of what my life would be without children or a partner.

From that experience, and in everything I do, I embrace and believe in the power of people to achieve their full potential and change their lives.


Because I changed mine.

Find out more about My Story or how to work with me, sign up to my newsletter and follow my journey on @lyndseyclaycoach

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